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Adventures in the South Pacific

The renowned art scholar, John Rewal, once remarked of French post-Impressionist artist, Paul Gauguin, who lived, painted and travelled extensively from Tahiti to the remote Marquesas Islands, “we cannot all go and live on South Sea islands”. Alas, but we can certainly try…

Combining otherworldly underwater adventures and surprisingly diverse far-flung island hopping, few people who fantasise about the South Pacific ever actually make the journey. Perhaps thanks to the largely unexplored nature of these islands – from the coral forests of Fiji to the volcanic peaks of French Polynesia – stretching from Polynesia to Micronesia, Melanesia and Papua New Guinea, for those who do dedicate time to explore one of the most remote parts of our planet there is an incredible world that awaits.

To maximise the experience there is no better way to discover this untouched tropical paradise than onboard an epic expedition yacht (two of which we work closely with on a need-to-know name basis). Uncover the hidden treasures of the South Pacific as you anchor off deserted islands, explore ancient shipwrecks, swim with dancing manta rays or jet ski through gin-clear water lapping the shore. Thrill-seekers can take to the skies by helicopter or seaplane for a bird’s eye view over magnificent lagoons and staggering volcanoes. Discover new depths with a custom-built sub as you explore an underwater world bursting with an abundance of vibrant marine life, before returning to the surface for mesmerising sunsets and immersion in local island life.

These are the islands of the South Pacific, and they are just waiting to be explored. Get in touch to find out more.