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Pelerin perfection

With February upon us, ski season is officially at full-speed - which means whether you are in it for the off-piste or Aperol spritz at après, elevating your winter travel is a must.

Enter Chalet Pelerin, part of the exclusive Eleven Experience collection. Tucked away in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it traditional Savoie village on the French-Italian border, this sought-after mountain retreat is the ultimate take on a classic chalet. To bring you this one-of-a-kind experience for the alpha explorer, I work closely with the team at Eleven to create unique trips that in their words, “impact those people who impact the world”. Try downhill, heli-, or cat-skiing with world-class competitors and life-long mountaineers, or venture to an array of renowned resorts further afield.

And while the days are adrenaline-fuelled, your evenings have the hallmark of tailor-made luxury and absolute relaxation (think stunning chalet, world-class chef, vintage-stocked wine cellar, jacuzzi set in the snow, pool, sauna, steam, and the most accommodating hosts in the French Alps). I have been twice already this year...

Mountains on your mind? Sample some on-the-snow footage here.
Or, if you’re ready for your own off-piste adventure, drop us a line for the rest of the season’s availability.
Chalet Pelerin pool