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By Land & Sea | Greenland to Iceland

Exploring the Arctic by superyacht is one heck of an adventure. Begin your intrepid odyssey in Greenland journeying through the fjords to the tip of the south coast to visit hot springs on the uninhabited island of Uunartoq – once the Vikings' favoured medieval spa – beneath the summer's midnight sun.

Pair your journey sailing along the remote, rugged peninsula of Greenland with a weekend on land staying at Iceland’s exclusive Deplar Farm. Formerly a traditional sheep farm it has since been transformed to become one of the most stylish retreats set within Northern Iceland’s mountainous Troll Peninsula. This minimalist haven offers action-packed days of superb salmon fishing and the opportunity to be immersed in Iceland’s most breathtaking wilderness best explored by super-jeep, whilst evenings are to relax at the farm complete with geothermal spa.

Need to know: "When you've seen the world there's always Greenland" – home to mighty glaciers, Inuit hunters, Northern Lights, and polar bears on the prowl – this vast Arctic tundra is one of the least visited places on the planet

Best for: Discovering an astonishing Arctic world beneath the midnight sun