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Kitesurfing in Brazil | Casana, Preá

Where to go for the world’s best kitesurfing? The answer is the laidback yet luxurious beach retreat of Casana on Brazil’s northeast coast. The vision of two globetrotting kitesurfers, Casana makes the most of perfect conditions where consistent wind meets endless stretches of sands and exhilarating waters have earned the quiet fishing village of Préa a sought-after reputation as a kitesurfer’s paradise.

Who: Adventurers come to kitesurf some of the world’s best winds and waves; nature lovers come for the undulating dunes and shimmering lagoons; everyone else comes for a luxurious dose of Brazilian beach life and to feel a million miles away from the world.

What: Arguably one of the first luxurious kitesurfing retreats in the world with an impressive team on hand.

When: Brazil’s kiting season is from July-January.

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