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Companion Ticket: Acclaimed architect Heinz Julen

30 Second Snapshot

Name Heinz Julen
Your home base  Zermatt, Switzerland
Aside from a passport, the three items you always travel with I travel with my credit card, fresh underwear and my Rosary
Your perfect meal on the road A heated sandwich from the gasoline station
Your travel soundtrack U2's Joshua Tree and WintersHome a local band from Zermatt
The one place you’ve been that you think everyone should visit Mount Moses in Sinai. It is very special because the three biggest world religions were founded at that summit
The one place you’ll always return to, no matter how many times My mountain studio above Zermatt. It inspires me to start new projects
The one Never-Have-I-Ever destination that you hope to visit, and why Bhutan  because of its tradition of culture and its high altitude
What did your "This is What I’m Going to Do" moment look like?
When I sold my first drawing of the Matterhorn to a client at the age of 14 - then I knew what I wanted to do for a living
What is your favourite part of what you do?  Work - I love to work

Our favourite of Heinz's properties is the contemporary Swiss chalet in the heart of Zermatt, known as The Loft. With an incredible design and with enviable views of the Matterhorn, The Loft welcomes you to be immersed in your Swiss surroundings with double height floor-to-ceiling windows, textured concrete and exposed wood throughout. Heinz's personality and charm is personified in his designs in numerous ways  at The Loft all furniture has been designed by the man himself.

Relax after a day on the slopes beside the fire, play the baby grand piano or soak in the Jacuzzi on the mezzanine level. Contrasting with Zermatt's quaint charm, The Loft has been decadently designed with cutting-edge architecture and gadgets aplenty.